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# Exploit Title: [IBM Sterling B2B Integrator persistent cross-site scripting]

# Exploit Author: [Vikas Khanna] (https://www.linkedin.com/in/leetvikaskhanna/) (https://twitter.com/MR_SHANU_KHANNA)

# Vendor Homepage: [https://www.ibm.com/support/knowledgecenter/en/SS3JSW_5.2.0/com.ibm.help.overview.doc/si_overview.html]

# Version: [IBM Sterling B2B Integrator -] (REQUIRED)

# CVE : [CVE-2018-1513 & CVE-2018-1563]

Vulnerability Details

Vulnerability Name : Persistent Cross Site Scripting

Affected Parameter(s) : fname & lname

Steps to reproduce

Step 1 : Login to the IBM Sterling B2B Integrator.

Step 2 : Navigate to Performance Tuning module, Username will be displayed as below :-

                Last Edited By <USERNAME>

    Note :- Modify the configuration for example and check the Last Edited By - Username. Any user (Admin or Non admin) who have privileges to change the configuration can act like an attacker.

Step 3 : Navigate to My Account and update first name and last name.

Step 4: Intercept the request using burp suite and insert the <Video><source onerror=”alert(1)”> payload & <Video><source onerror=”alert(2)”> payload in fname and lname parameter.

Step 5 : It has been observed that My account module is not vulnerable to XSS but Performance Tuning tab under Operations -> Performance is vulnerable, as the Performance Tuning tab displays the user’s first name and last name separately as “Last Edited By USERNAME”.

Step 6 : Now navigate to Performance Tuning module. It is seen that the application is vulnerable to Persistent Cross Site Scripting.

Note : It has been observed that any user who has access to Performance Tuning tab will be vulnerable and the same javascript payload will execute for them as well.

Verify-  28f7 edc6 9322 aca6 08a8 bd90 46ff dc0b 

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